User Guidelines

User Guidelines

Last Updated: 11 August 2022

Handshake Bets

1.Buddybet Handshake Bets

1.1 With no templates it is up to you to create your own bet.

1.2 When a bet is placed, the User who creates and offers the bet is known as the Challenger and the User who accepts the bet is known as the

1.3 There can only be one Challenger and one Opponent to each bet.

2. Handshake Bet Rules

2.1 When building your handshake bet, there are a few simple rules that you need you to follow.

2.2 Bets should have a clear outcome which can be independently verified by both the Challenger and Opponent.

2.3 You should not place a bet on a sporting event or contingency that is restricted to persons under the age of 18.

2.4 Bets should not:

(a) be unclear or ambiguous;

(b) be offensive, distasteful or unsavory.

(c) involve the death or injury of a person or animal;

(d) incite criminal conduct or the inducement of criminal conduct;

(e) incite or encourage someone to breach a sport governing body’s rules; or

(f) involve ethnicity.

2.5 Built into the Create bet feature is an automated language filter, which will block certain bets from being submitted to us for review.

3. Create Handshake Bet

3.1 To create your bet, the following information needs to be completed within the “Create Bet” page:

(a) Choose your opponent(s) or create an “Open” bet;

(b) Search and select your betting event;

(c) Define your bet;

(d) Select visibility (not applicable to “Open” bet); and

(e) Submit your bet.

3.2 Once your bet has been submitted, the Opponent(s) then receives a notification inviting them to accept the bet. After opening the notification, the Opponent(s) will then have the option to “Accept Bet”. Alternatively, a bet can be accepted by an Opponent via the “Open Bets” page.

3.3 The Challenger will receive a notification when a bet has been accepted or rejected by an Opponent. Unaccepted bets will be cancelled once the betting event commences.

3.4 All accepted bets can be viewed under the “My Bets” section of the App.

4. Handshake Bet Settlement

4.1 We provide the ability for both the Challenger and the Opponent to mutually agree on the winner of their bet.

4.2 A bet will not be resulted until:

(a) one party declares the other party as the winner; or

(b) both parties declare the same party as the winner.

4.3 A bet can be resulted by selecting the relevant bet under the “My Bets” section on the app and selecting the “Declare Winner” option.

4.4 If one party attempts to declare a winner before the outcome of the bet is determined, then the other party can opt to hold off on declaring the winner until the final result is known.

5. Cancellation of unmatched handshake bets

5.1 You may cancel unmatched bets at any time by searching for the specific bet you would like to cancel under the “My Bets” section of the app.

5.2 Once a bet has been accepted by an Opponent, it cannot be edited. This means that neither the Challenger nor the Opponent will be able to cancel the bet once it has been accepted by the Opponent.