Join the App which allows you to challenge the Buddybet community on just about anything!

Social Betting

Buddybet is a social entertainment platform which allows customers to place social bets against one another.

We all have that friend we constantly say “I betcha….” to, so we created a platform that allows you to record these moments for your circle to interact with.

From Sport, to Entertainment and everything in between, Buddybet is your home of social betting.

Buddybet Jackpot

Buddybet Jackpot takes social betting to another level, allowing you to bet against the entire Buddybet community on the one bet.

Simply create your own Jackpot or join one of the guaranteed jackpots available, make your selection and cheer them home!

If you’re lucky enough to pick the winner, you’ll share in the Jackpot value along with all other winning entrants.

Buddybet Golf

Attention Golfers! Buddybet has a new social betting tool just for you!

Golfers the world over have long backed their golfing ability in the spirit of friendly competition, by having a social bet on themselves with their playing partners using the cash in their pocket.

Now that we live in a digital age, a digital solution is required- that solution is Buddybet Golf!