In App / Getting Started

Search for Buddybet and download the app for both iOS (App Store) Android (Play Store).

On sign-up you will be asked to provide the following information which is used to verify your identity.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth*
  • Address*
  • E-mail Address*

*details are not displayed in-app

During sign-up you can select your favourite categories, sync contacts, set a deposit limit and add funds.

You must be 18 years old or over to create an account with Buddybet.

After successful sign-up/login you will land on your homepage which is tailored to your preferences. Here you can see bets between your buddies, bets on your favourite categories as well as bets that are open for all Buddybet users to accept. Don’t forget to browse the latest updates and events displayed on the promo slides!

Make use of our powerful search algorithms to find your interests, buddies and bets. Browse the different categories and competitions available, duplicate trending bets, engage on your buddies’ bets and familiarise yourself with events you never knew existed!

Argue and negotiate with friends on our private one-to-one chat section. Send each other pictures and videos relevant to your chat, record voice notes for each other and share bets between buddies!

The profile page is your space. Personalise it by uploading a striking background, a profile pic that captures your best side and let your community know your story via the bio section. Pin those bets you want to show off, edit your favourites or just browse your bets to relive those special moments.  

On the homepage, below the promo slides you will see an option to invite your friends. If you click this option you will be landed on a page which allows you to either invite people from your contact list or message individuals via text or Whatsapp.