MAFS 2022: The All-Star Line-Up

We’re going to start off by saying, if you still think Married at First Sight ‘isn’t your thing’ you need to take a good, hard look in the mirror.  

It’s a guilty pleasure for a reason. No one’s proud of cancelling their plans with friends to sit on the couch and watch strangers awkwardly hug; it’s just the way it is. And if you think you’re above it… refer to the above mirror statement.  

So, now everyone’s off their high horses, let’s get down to business.  

The MAFS crew are a who’s who of tortured dating history, and boy-oh-boy are we there for it.  

After a good two years’ worth of being stuck at home watching TV, we’re super excited to park ourselves on the couch every other night and watch couples:  

A)      Awkwardly get up in each other’s personal space  

B)     Get way too affectionate for public consumption  

C)     Compete over whose relationship is more ‘solid’ over a wagyu steak dinner  

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the cast to see what exactly they’re all looking for, and who we think will make the best match ups.  


The Brides  

So, they’ve covered all the major personality touchpoints for a reality TV show:  

  • The one that’s been hurt before and has her ‘walls up’  
  • The self-determined ‘alpha’ who isn’t afraid of voicing her opinions (Hello dinner parties!) 
  • The up-and-coming influencer  

There’s a couple in this mix of brides that from the outset, we’re rooting for. Self-proclaimed outcast Selina has got us in the feels, along with teaching student Olivia that has struggled with low self-esteem (you’re not alone on that sister).  

We have a cautious eye on Tamara; I mean we don’t like to stereotype, but if history is any indication alpha personalities can ruffle a few feathers.  


The Grooms  

We’re looking down the barrel of a diverse crowd here. You’ve got a couple of tradies, some personal trainers and even a pro wrestler (although he’s also in sales so he might be putting some mustard on that).  

We’ve got our judgemental eyes on Al, who has never had a serious relationship – red flag! Although, he may just be the perfect fit for sexually charged Ella who hasn’t had a serious relationship in 9 years.  

Boisterous Texan Andrew is a motivational speaker, who’s hoping to find a wife following two divorces. That’s quite a lot of baggage, which we assume will be too heavy for some. Maybe the feisty Domenica will be a good match?  

Did anyone see that tall-drink-of-water Anthony? Aka ‘Hellfire’. Yes, he’s a pro wrestler. Not sure yet, but we think we rate this. Hopefully he can bring some hell fire to his blossoming relationship. 

Head over to the official MAFS site for a full cast bio.

We wish the best of luck to all participants and hope they find their soulmates (and a sprinkling of drama along the way).  

In summary, get excited cause we’re back BABY! Download the BuddyBet app now and start challenging your buddies on the outcomes of the first episode.



Darel Fuderanan

Darel Fuderanan