The totally serious guide to Super Bowl 2022

Super Bowl Sunday (well, Monday for us Aussies) is almost here and NFL fans down couldn’t be more excited. 

It’s the super-team LA Rams coming up against the young upstart Cincinnati Bengals in a match up that has the potential to be an all-time classic. 

But you didn’t come here to read a dissection of this match up or even a brief overview of the game itself. 

Let’s take a look at the fun moments that Buddybet users can have a crack at during this year’s Super Bowl! 

Super Bowl 2022: How long will the national anthem go for? 

The Super Bowl is basically a monument to American excess and pageantry, and this is exemplified exquisitely by the performer who belts out the national anthem. 

No shrinking violets at the best of times, typically the singers that deliver Star Spangled Banner on Super Bowl Sunday milk the spotlight for all it’s worth, dragging out every last note to ensure they have as much camera time as possible. 

Just try not to make the athletes crack up like Fergie did. 

Super Bowl 2022: First touchdown celebration 

Sure, scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl is important, but ensuring that you nail the celebration and delivering a memeable (not a word, don’t care) and memorable performance? Much more satisfying. 

The traditional spike is always a powerful go-to move for the serious receiver, as is tossing the ball into the stands but could we see a Griddy being broken out? Perhaps a group presentation where the entire offense poses for a fake photo with the ball as the camera? 

This is America after all, rule absolutely, positively nothing out. 

Super Bowl 2022: the half time show 

The infamous half time show is what a significant portion of the audience will be tuned in to see, and who could blame them with the veritable who’s who of hip-hop artists preparing to perform at this year’s event? 

Not sure what to make of this year’s Super Bowl halftime show? Click here to read our comprehensive guide 

What song is going to be performed first? Will there be any guest appearances? Will Snoop Dogg break out a spliff on stage? 

There’s so many weird and wonderful things that could come out of this year’s half time show, so use your imagination and put together some quality banter with your mates! 

Super Bowl 2022: the post-game 

This is where things can get really weird, and we absolutely thrive on it! 

From the colour of the Gatorade that gets dumped on the winning coach, to the strange interviews by the winning players all the way through to what holiday destination is on the agenda for the QB, expect the unexpected when it comes to the post-game celebrations. 

Will a player say they’re going to Disneyland? Or maybe McDonald’s? Or maybe they’ll take the opportunity not to plug a company and just be respectful? (just kidding, that won’t happen). 

Super Bowl 2022: What we expect from you 

Buddybet is the app where you can bet on almost anything, and there’s no better time to test that theory during Super Bowl 2022! 

So get creative with your mates and use our world-first platform to have some fun and create some banter! 

Todd Davey

Todd Davey