Buddybet Announces Naming Rights Sponsorship of Adelaide Footy League

Buddybet, the world-first social betting platform, has signed on as a major naming rights sponsor of the Adelaide Footy League.

The one year partnership will see the men’s and women’s division 1 and 1R competitions feature the Buddybet name and branding for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Buddybet has also received AFL approval to facilitate bets on the Adelaide Footy League and several other community leagues given the low-risk social nature of its product – making it the first and only betting app to do so.

Buddybet’s Chief Legal & Commercial Officer, Sam Chadwick, said the partnership with the Adelaide Footy League reflects the social and community element of the platform.

“We’re thrilled to join with the Adelaide Footy League to offer fans an engaging new way to take their enjoyment of the game to the next level,” Chadwick said.

“Buddybet is a unique platform that’s digitised the old-fashioned handshake bet that mates would make on the game, but with the added interactivity of a social media platform. Buddybet is a social community where users can engage and bet on almost anything, which is why we are committed to supporting community sport.

“Given around 25% of Buddybet users are women, we’re very proud to support the women’s div 1 competition, which has gone from strength to strength, in both performance and profile.”

Adelaide Footy League CEO, John Kernahan, says the organisation is thrilled to have Buddybet onboard as a major sponsor.

“In Buddybet we found a company that aligns with our values of friendly competition, community spirit, and rising to the challenge,” Mr Kernahan said.

“What really warmed our heart was Buddybet’s eagerness to ensure our woman’s program was as equally prioritised as the men’s competitions – a focus all our partners share.

“This season is shaping up to be a fantastic one and we thank Buddybet for coming along on the journey with us.”

Buddybet is Australian owned and encourages socially responsible betting, with bets being made between users directly with no odds and at a maximum of $250, as well as the ability to place cashless ‘handshake’ bets.

Users can bet on the Adelaide Footy League by downloading the Buddybet app from the App Store and Google Play HERE.

Patrick Rasmussen

Patrick Rasmussen