Microsoft, Sony & FaceIt Acquisitions 

  • Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard for $70 billion  
  • Sony acquiring Bungie for $3.6 billion  
  • ESL FaceIt acquired for $1.5 billion 

Just this past week we have had three major acquisitions within the gaming industry, leaving gamers to ask the question…who’s next and what does this mean?  

Well as for who’s next, we don’t know. We can only keep guessing. Who knows, maybe Joe Rogan may buy into an Esports team or business!  

What does Microsoft’s $70b investment mean for gamers? 

 Well, it shows that those companies have money to burn for one, but the main concern is what will happen to games such as COD, Halo, WoW, Candy Crush and two PlayStation exclusives Spyro and Crash Bandicoot – remember sitting back with a glass of cordial and playing these on the PS1? Childhood nostalgia at its finest.  

Never fear fellow gamers! Microsoft made it clear in a report that they will bring as many games as possible to a monthly subscription game pass. 

Sony Said ‘Hold My Cup’ 

Sony purchased Bungie for $3.6b, which if you don’t know were formerly owned by Microsoft (where they created the ultimate Xbox franchise, Halo).  

 After great success they left Microsoft and partnered with Activision to release Destiny before deciding to become an independent developer. 

 Will this mean an end to cross platform Destiny 2?  

We don’t believe so. They would lose too much cold hard cash! 

 However, we have a feeling there will be some Sony exclusives and early access to games as they’ve done in the past with Call Of Duty. 

To add to the acquisition trend, ESL and FaceIt merged and Saudi Arabian owned Savvy Group purchased both for a casual $1.5b (must be nice).  

 Their focus is to create a world where everybody can be a somebody by materially strengthening the global games community. They will still be invested in developing the CS:GO esports scene where they are targeting cheating and assisting in grass roots tournaments.  

How about that for a news week of gaming!

Todd Davey

Todd Davey