How to Use Buddybet at Your Baby Shower

Anyone else feel like all their friends are having babies now? I guess the pandemic put a few things into perspective. Not to mention all that time at home allowed us to spend a lot more ‘quality time’ with our partners.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women (respect to those lucky few who spend it vomiting up everything they eat). There’s so much anticipation around the arrival of the baby:

  • What will the birth date be?
  •  What gender will they be?
  • Will the come out bald or looking like Fabio?


For those wanting to put a fun twist on their baby shower, Buddybet’s platform allows friends to bet on pretty much anything baby related.

Let’s look at how our users can integrate Buddybet into their baby showers:

Gender Reveals

Whether you like it or not, the gender reveal has become a staple in the lead up to the big day. We’ve all seen the extravagance and suspense of some of these reveals on social media, giving reality TV shows like The Voice a run for their money.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this video:

With this drama-heavy event, it’s no wonder friends are turning to Buddybet to make their guesses a little more interesting with a wager.

The platform allows friends to make bets on the baby’s gender prior to the reveal, making for an extremely exciting and competitive event for everyone involved.

Birth Date

For those who have been pregnant, you know how exhausting answering the same questions over and over can be. ‘When are you due?’ seems to be one of the most common, only becoming more frequent the further your pregnancy progresses.

Well, our Buddybet community will be happy to hear they can now respond to this question quite literally with ‘Your bet is as good as mine’.

To create this bet, users can choose a time period to challenge a mate to (ie. Sarah will have her baby before Christmas), or if they’re feeling super confident a specific date.


Don’t worry… we’re talking about the baby’s weight.

For those who are sure the kid is coming out with an over-sized head like their father’s, make your prediction legit with Buddybet.

After all, soon-to-be mothers should be compensated for the unfortunate genetic composition of the father’s head, right?

So, How Do I Integrate Buddybet into my Baby Shower?

That’s easy.

Once you’ve downloaded the Buddybet app scroll through the ‘Novelty’ section on the ‘Discovery’ page until you find ‘Baby Shower’.

You can now choose from a variety of sub-categories or place a general bet if you want to go for something a little bit more niche.

Users can either challenge a friend directly by searching their name or place an open bet for someone at the Baby Shower to accept.

If you want to get involved, but don’t want to spend any cash – no worries! Buddybet’s unique social platform allows you to place a non-monetary handshake bet for bragging rights!


So, if you’ve got a Baby Shower coming up, make sure to create an unforgettable experience (for the winners at least) with Buddybet! And check out this link for some more awesome baby shower ideas.

Reach out to our team via socials if you’ve got a baby shower coming up and want some more information on how to incorporate Buddybet into the special day!

Darel Fuderanan

Darel Fuderanan