MAFS Reunion Week: Our Predictions

Can you believe the season is coming to close? Nine weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye, with only the MAFS reunion left to unfold. Reunions are our favourite part of MAFS, with all the best drama of the season happening in those final episodes. Sticking a group of 20 people who […]

MAFS: Our Predictions for the Final Vows

We dare say this is one of the most intense seasons we have had to date. Now we can’t wait to see what goes down this week as the MAFS crew are faced with their final vows ceremony. Just like flowers, marriages need to be nurtured in order for them to bloom… Our couples have […]

MAFS: Buddybet’s Predictions for Week 8

Not sure there’s too many people that would want to be in Domenica’s position right now. What started off as wholesome family visits, quickly turned into a Salem Witch Trial on MAFS last week. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s take a look at our predictions for week 8: Olivia and Jacksons relationship […]

MAFS Predictions for Week 7

Boy, have we seen it ALL in MAFS this week! From a not-so-secret rendezvous between a married gal and a discarded ex-groom, to the sweetest sweetheart blowing up and picking a fight with the biggest baddie. Smashed glasses, a heap of tears and several apologies later – what is in store for the week ahead? […]

MAFS: Buddybet’s Predictions for Week 6

We are so gosh darn ready for MAFS week six after the heat that was thrown around at the dinner party. The drama seemed to follow Carolina like a bad smell, with poor Dion being ‘kicked from pillar to post’ the whole week leading into the dinner party. These are our predictions for MAFS week […]

MAFS Recap: Buddybet’s Predictions for Week 5

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! After an emotional rollercoaster of a MAFS commitment ceremony on Sunday, we were happy to have some fresh meat appear on our screens. And wowza did they bring some extra tears, tantrums and tensions to the weekly dinner party! Though, they did all look spectacular. Check out all the best dinner […]

MAFS Recap: The Juiciest Moments of Week 3

This week was intimacy week on Married at First Sight – aka time to get participants to stare uncomfortably into each other’s eyes and play with a bunch of marital aids (not sure why we tried to be lady-like there – we mean sex toys). Let’s jump into the things that shocked us the most […]

MAFS 2022: Five Concerns We Have Going into Week 3 

MAFS week two has come and gone, and there’s so much we have on our minds going into week three.  The first dinner party was a real tester as the couples had a chance to size-up other relationships against their own; leaving some couples feeling a little bit intimidated.    Following this, we rolled into an […]

Married At First Sight: Why can’t we stop bingeing the show? 

For those of you who binge reality TV more religiously than you bathe (since “not bathing” is apparently now a thing – thanks Jake Gyllenhaal), you would know that nothing makes a show more binge-worthy than drama, drama, DRAMA!   So, for all those Karens sitting on their couch criticizing how ‘full of drama’ reality tv […]

MAFS 2022: 5 Pink Flags To Look Out For

After last night’s MAFS episode, Samantha has highlighted something that’s ever so important in the dating world – pink flags!   Now, we’re all familiar with the red flag. It’s a stern warning sign in the dating world; be weary going forward because history tells us, this is a potential deal-breaker. Some red-flag examples would be:   […]