It’s a world-first social betting exchange allowing customers to bet against each other via a handshake or cash bet. No odds, no complicated betting terms, no fat-cat bookmakers, just bets between buddies.

  • Handshake: If all you want to bet for is bragging rights, make it a no cash wager and shake on it
  • Cash: If your bet can be verified by a third party, then you can bet on it for cash

Buddybet charges a 5% platform fee from each winning cash bet. For example, if you place a bet with a buddy for $10 each, the winner will receive $19.

For a single cash bet: $5 min; $250 max.

To create a bet:

  1. Click the + sign on the bottom bar
  2. Select your opponent(s) – you can select a single opponent, multiple opponents or ‘Open’, for anyone on Buddybet to accept
  3. Choose an event – you can select from an upcoming event, an event in one of your favourite categories or browse the complete selection of events we offer. There may be some events which are restricted in your area
  4. Write your bet – type in your bet text, make sure it meets our criteria: Betting Guidelines
  5. Choose a stake – you can select a stake of any amount between $5 and $250 for each bet, you can also choose to stake the same amount for each opponent or simply have a handshake bet. There may be some events which are restricted to handshake bets only
  6. Select visibility – Public bets are visible to everyone on Buddybet, My Network bets are visible to everyone you and your opponent are connected to, My Buddies bets are only visible to you and your opponent
  7. Place bet – Confirm your bet and submit All cash bets are sent to our team for review and approval

When it comes to your bets, the more creative the better, just bear in mind:

  • Cash bets must be verifiable. This means the result must be available on a reputable third party website* or visible via a reputable free to air channel or streaming service*. If the bet can’t be verified, then it will be a handshake bet

*Official results from governing bodies, Internet weblinks, TV footage, newspapers, material which Buddybet, at its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Bets must not be in poor taste. All cash bets are screened by our team for approval and will be rejected if deemed in poor taste
  • Try not to be ambiguous – make sure your bet is not open to interpretation. For example: ‘Team A to win by 20’ is open to interpretation However: “Team A to win by exactly 20 points’ or ‘Team A to win by more than 20 points,’ removes any ambiguity
  • If your bet has specific rules, ensure they are included in your bet. If you’re betting on Player A to kick more goals in a season than Player B, but both must play at least 10 games for the bet to be valid, make sure you include the 10-game condition in your text so there is no argument when it comes to resulting your bet

Sport: We cover almost every sport known to man. If you can’t find the league or sport you’re looking for, from major to minor leagues across the globe, let us know (  and we’ll try our best to accommodate the league for you.

Entertainment: Bet on everything from Reality TV to the latest movie releases. If you love Hollywood, Bollywood or even Lollywood, then this is the category for you!

Novelty: Like to know which celebrity is dating who, what colour hat the Queen will wear at the next Royal Wedding, or even if it’s going to rain next Monday in your town? Browse our range of novelty options to find what tickles your fancy.

There are two types of bets you can accept:

Bets for you – bets you have been invited to will appear under the ‘New’ tab in your My Bets section. To accept the bet, simply click on the ‘Accept’ button and confirm you accept the challenge.

Open bets – open bets appear on your home screen under the ‘Open Bets’ tab as well as in the ‘Discover’ section under specific categories and competitions. These are bets for anyone on Buddybet to accept. Simply click on ‘Accept Challenge’ and confirm you accept the challenge.

Buddybet encourages users to settle their own bets. Bets can be resulted after an event has started or, in some instances, like Season and Novelty Bets, after the bet has been accepted. To result a bet:

  1. In the ‘My Bets’ section under the ‘Active’ tab, bets can be result by clicking on the ‘Declare Winner’ button
  2. When you ‘Declare Winner’ you are given the option to choose which participant has won
  3. If you choose your opponent as the winner, the bet will automatically result in their favour
  4. If you declare yourself the winner, your opponent needs to confirm you as the winner:
    • If your opponent disagrees, they can send the bet to Buddybet Admin to resolve
    • If your opponent doesn’t respond, you can send them a ‘Nudge’ to result the bet, and if no response is received, you can send the bet to Buddybet Admin to resolve
  5. Buddybet Admin settles bets based on official results and in accordance with our  Betting Guidelines
  • In every case, you will be notified when one of your bets is rejected by our admin team.

  • Sync contacts: choose either at sign-up, the home screen, or on creating your first bet. Buddybet does not store your contacts’ information Anytime you sync contacts you are able to follow or invite friends based on your current contact list
  • Search: Using the ‘Discover’ tab find buddies already using Buddybet
  • People you may know: This section appears on home and discover, via specific algorithms it identifies potential buddies

There are two ways to view your bets:

My Bets: accessed via the button at top right displaying your balance.

In the ‘My Bets’ section, your bets are divided into multiple tabs:

  1. New: bets you have been invited to accept
  2. Active: bets you have accepted, plus those you have created and are accepted by an opponent
  3. Pending: bets pending approval by Buddybet admin; bets not yet accepted by your opponent; and bets you are involved in that are awaiting a result
  4. Resulted: bets that have been settled
  5. Other: cancelled or rejected bets

You can also view your resulted bets via your Profile.

Buddybet aims to bring you a comprehensive range of options to bet on, including Sports, Entertainment and Novelty. You can browse our offerings in the Discover section, we are also keen on providing new categories and events to bet on, if you do not find what you are looking for, reach out to us at

Due to licensing agreements, we are not allowed to facilitate cash bets on certain categories and events.

Selecting favourite categories allows Buddybet to tailor content to match your preferences. You can quick-select events from your Favourites when you create a bet and we will feed relevant bets onto your homepage.

Go to the ‘My Bets’ section and click through on the bet card. At the top right of the screen you will find a button to pin this bet to your profile. So if you feel the need to boast about particular wins, or to highlight an ‘Open’ bet you can Pin up to five bet cards for everyone to see on your profile:

  • ‘Open’ bets, that you have created, and which anyone on Buddybet can accept
  • Bets you are involved in, once they are accepted
  • Bets you are involved in, and have been resulted/settled
  • Any bet under the ‘New’ or ‘Others’ tab in ‘My Bets’ cannot be pinned to your profile

Buddybet is a friendly, social wagering platform and we take any breach of our policies seriously. In circumstances where you feel a bet is not in accordance with our guidelines, we encourage users to report the bet.

To report a bet, please access the Bet Details page by clicking on the bet card. You may report the bet by clicking on the exclamation mark at the top right of the page. To submit your report, please select a reason for reporting the bet and provide details in the comments box below.

If you feel a profile or the actions of a user are not in accordance with our guidelines, we encourage users to report the profile.

To report a profile, visit that profile, click on the menu option (three dots) on the right of the screen and select ‘Report User’. To submit your report, please select a reason for reporting the profile and provide details in the comments box below.

‘Open’ and ‘Taken’ bets can be quickly duplicated for you to use in your network. To duplicate a bet, click on the duplicate button below the bet card. This takes you straight to the Create Bet screen with event and bet text pre-selected and pre-filled.

Then select as per below and the duplicated bet is your own to share:

  • Cash bets – select your opponent(s) and $ stake
  • Handshake bets with events – select your opponent(s) and if you want to change to a cash bet you can select a stake
  • Handshake bets without an event – you can select your opponents

Deposit limits can be increased when the first cycle of your limit has completed. For example, if you have set a deposit limit with a seven-day cycle, you can increase your deposit limit after seven days.