Married At First Sight: Why can’t we stop bingeing the show? 

For those of you who binge reality TV more religiously than you bathe (since “not bathing” is apparently now a thing – thanks Jake Gyllenhaal), you would know that nothing makes a show more binge-worthy than drama, drama, DRAMA!  

So, for all those Karens sitting on their couch criticizing how ‘full of drama’ reality tv (and MAFS in particular) is – I ask the question, do we really want to see anything different? Or is the drama in the show the reason We. Just. Can’t. Stop. Bingeing.  

I mean, if you really DO want to see strangers getting married and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after – you’re watching the wrong show (Love is Blind has two seasons on Netflix on a completely unrelated note). 

What we REALLY want to see in MAFS 

Let’s be honest here – we all binge MAFS because we love to see 20 individuals who have failed at love for some reason or another attempt to fall in love with complete stranger on television – along with all the passion, arguments, fighting, make-up kissing, crying and storming out of rooms that comes with it. Because how realistic is love at first sight anyway?  

What IS realistic is that couples fight. Cause duh, of course they do. 

MAFS is all about showcasing real-life relationship issues, and how two people can overcome them if they put some good ol’ elbow grease into it.  

So, maybe the reason we love watching MAFS so much is because we get to see how relationships handle these issues that we all experience in real life… 

Real couples are not perfect. Real couples have issues, and arguments and conflicts – sometimes over stupid little things like if someone handed the other the knife wrong. Ok maybe not about that in particular but they DO fight over dumb things.  

So as dramatic as we think MAFS is, is it really that far from reality? I mean, if YOU were put on show where you had to marry a stranger and then immediately start living with them – bad habits, weird fetishes and all – wouldn’t you act a little cray cray? 

And it’s just a bonus that they all look like models – we love seeing ridiculously good-looking people having real problems and acting out.  We want shows to be relatable and not too unrealistic (*ahem* Too hot to handle). It reminds us that everyone is human at the end of the day. 

There is a point to this somewhere…  

Our point is, watching other people’s marriages go through the ringer, while snuggled up on the sofa with our significant others (or multiple cats) and a boatload of popcorn is not just therapeutic, it’s tradition.  

MAFS affords an escape in the most absurdly outrageous – “Oh no she did NOT”, binge on chocolate ice-cream while shouting at the TV – way. And we are all for it! 

So, settle into your recliners, with your partner (cat*) and your snacks and get bingeing the only show we love more than The Bachelorette.  

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Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson