What Women Want (to Buddybet on!)

Buddybet isn’t your traditional betting app – and our users reflect that. Our growing community of Buddybetters are as diverse and interesting as the topics they bet on.

One group that we love to see on our app are women. Buddybet has created a fun, safe and supportive space for women to lay down a challenge with a friendly bet.

In fact, almost 20% of our users are female – and that percentage is getting bigger every day.

But when it comes to female users, what are they betting on? We turned to our data to find the top 5 topics that female Buddybetters are betting on. Let’s dive in!

5. Aussie Rules

Footy season’s here and the girl’s bets are rolling in. The first entrant on our list, AFL just managed to nudge out basketball for the number 5 spot. Our freeform bets let you get as creative as a banner at a grudge match. Who will get the post-match sports drink shower in the change rooms? Will anyone beat Bailey Smith’s luscious locks when it comes to the hair stakes? If you can dream it, you can Buddybet it.

4. Celebrities

Ahhh – the sordid lives of celbs! It’s hard not to be drawn into the salacious world of tabloid news. Whether it’s bets about breakups, bad tattoos, baby names, or boisterous behaviour, our female Buddybetters are putting their money (or honour) where their mouths are, and we’re here for it!

3. Cricket

Howzat for a result?! A strong showing by cricket, just getting it across the boundary to beat celebrities for the number 3 spot. With some recent exciting tests (or frustrating, depending on who you ask) and the WNCL coming to an explosive conclusion, it’s understandable why ladies are jumping on Buddybet to bowl a challenge to their friends.

2. Reality TV

With MAFS in full swing, this one’s not too much of a surprise. Who can resist placing a bet on which couple will have a blow up at the dinner party or who will share a secret pash? With reality TV bets almost doubling the number of cricket bets, it’s clear that streaming services haven’t killed the glorious artform that is reality TV.

1. General Bets

At first, this might seem like a disappointing number 1…I mean, it’s so generic! But when you think about, this is what Buddybet’s all about: bets that can’t be put into a box and classified. Who’s going to be last to dinner, or leave before the bill arrives? Which friend will bring their raucous toddlers to the girls only lunch? Buddybet’s freeform betting opens a whole new world of fun – and it’s a woman’s world!

So, there you have it – the top 5 things that our female users are betting on. We’ll bring you more lists from our growing and diverse community soon, so stay tuned!

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Darel Fuderanan

Darel Fuderanan