Survivor 2022: Blood v Water

It’s a well versed saying that blood is thicker than water. In fact, this saying stems from a medieval proverb meaning that familial bonds will always be stronger than bonds of friendship or love.  

Whether or not this is indeed the case is a matter left up for debate.  

However, this year 24 castaways are putting family bonds to the test as they take on the ultimate game of Survivor – where backstabbing and betrayal is as integral to the game as the rice the contestants consume to endure the grueling 39 days in isolated rural location, a thousand miles from civilization.  

What can we expect from this season of Survivor?  

Relationships will be strained, and friendships put to the test as siblings, couples, in-laws and parents and children all face off in a competition designed to weed out a sole survivor 

In a game that’s ultimately designed to be played alone – how will our contestants fare when faced with the opportunity to play with their loved ones?  

As any true Survivor enthusiast knows, physical fortitude and mental strength are both extremely important in this game of survival. Will it prove to be blessing or burden to be bound by blood in a game designed to push contestants to breaking point? 

Survivor Blood v Water: The Contestants 

Our contestants this season include a whopping five sets of siblings; one of which are twin sisters. We also have a pair of cousins who consider themselves closer than brothers.  

Competing against the multitude of siblings is a mother and daughter duo, a father and daughter, two sets of couples and two sets of in-laws.  

Which pairing, if any, will turn out to be the best combination for success?  

Sisters KJ and Sophie have both shown strong personalities in the first episode – this could see them clash with the other contestants or even turn their competitiveness against each other.  

Power couple Mark and Sam were booted off their season of Survivor for being too large a threat to the tribe – will they once again be deemed a threat, or will they work against one another? We all know no one can stab you in the back as savagely as those who know you best! 

Another dynamic duo to keep an eye on is Mother and Daughter Sandra and Nina. Sandra has won US Survivor twice and is now attempting to transfer her skills across to the Australian landscape.  

As impressive as this is, we think they’ll be in for a surprise; after all, Australian’s are a whole other kettle of fish. And in one episode, Nina has proven herself to be a threat to rival her mother, she is definitely one gal to watch out for!   

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Survivor Blood v Water: The Drama 

Straight off the bat the Survivor gods have thrown a spanner into the works and separated the Survivor pairs – forcing them to battle their loved ones instead of playing the game together.  

Dropping a challenge on the contestants before they even venture to their respective camps, loyalties were tested in the first episode as family members were forced to battle each other for a hot fire.  

Brothers Jesse and Jordie proved their competitiveness to be an advantage for their individual tribes, holding nothing back as they literally shoved, wrestled and tackled each other in an attempt to win the challenge. 

Ruthlessness is key in a game of Survivor and contestants willing to go against one regardless of familial ties will go far in this game.   

One episode and the twists and turns have already been numerous, the contestants thrown into the deep end from the get-go – but were we really expecting them to be eased in gently? This is Survivor not Love Island!  

Survivor Summary 

After one episode we are left hanging on to our sofas after that epic blindside – but what a way to kick off the show. No one wants to be standing in front of the tribe and having their torch snuffed out to the dreaded words “the tribe has spoken” – but unfortunately for Andy, this was the case after just one episode.  

Blindsided in his original season of Survivor for being considered “untrustworthy”, Andy came onto Survivor Blood v Water seeking a second shot at the title – unfortunately for him this dream ended last night. But will blindsiding one of their stronger tribe members have disastrous consequences for the Blue team, who are already playing at a disadvantage with one injured tribe member?  

We are left chewing our fingernails – Who will be next? Which team will prove superior? Which contestants will be reunited with their loved ones when the tribes are dissolved – and will their relationships ever be the same?  

And the most important question – whether any pairs have what it takes to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast their way to the title of Sole Survivor – proving that blood does run thick? Or will we find that blood runs thin when it comes to this particular game where its every man – and woman – for themselves!

Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson