Social Betting 101: Customising your Buddybet Profile

Here at Buddybet, we pride ourselves on offering our users a unique social-betting experience that allows them to personalise their profile and show off their winnings.

Let’s take a look into the profile page, and how to navigate it to get the very best out of your Buddybet experience!

Profile and Cover Photos

There’s no better way to customise your profile than by adding some of your favourite pictures! Just took a great selfie and want to show it off? Set it as your profile picture!  Just got back from a weekend get away and took a beautiful scenic picture? Set it as your cover photo!

If you wanted to maintain some privacy – no worries. You can easily make your profile picture a photo of your woofer (or meow-er) instead.  Now the whole Buddybet community can comment on what a good boy he is!

To upload photos to your profile, simply select the little camera icon and choose to upload from your gallery or take one live! There is also the option to remove your photos from here if you were to change your mind.


Edit your Bio

Wanna let other users know a little about yourself? Or perhaps your want to fill your bio with a bunch of emojis? We’re not here to judge!

Your bio allows you to reveal as much or as little about yourself as you like to the Buddybet community.

You could use your bio to tell a funny story, post a meaningful quote or simply leave it empty. The possibilities are endless!

Just select the little pencil icon that says ‘edit bio’ to write whatever you like.


Display your favourite categories

Want to show your friends what your favourite categories are? Or perhaps you want easy access to your favourite categories so you can see what others are betting on? Adding your favourite categories to your profile makes this possible!

Press the ‘customise’ button next to the ‘my favourites’ section to pick and choose all your most loved categories on the app.


View your account details

If you ever need to change your password, log out off the app or view your transactions- Buddybet makes this easy!

All you need to do is press the ‘My Account’ section on your profile to gain access to your preferences, privacy setting and more!




See Your Bets

Another great thing about your profile page is that you can display all previous bets you’ve made!  Want to see what bets you’ve won, or mourn the ones you’ve lost? Simply scroll down your profile page to see your bet history- including any that are outstanding!

From here you can pin your greatest win to the top of the ‘My Bets’ section to show off to all your friends!



 Follow this guide, and Bob’s your uncle- you have a fully customised profile page!

 Stay tuned to our blog and socials, we’ll be offering more guides on how to get the best out of your Buddybet experience.

Roisin Wellington

Roisin Wellington