Buddybet is an unapologetically social platform. When you place a bet through our platform, you’re not betting against a sportsbook or a faceless algorithm – you’re betting against other real people, just like you. And betting’s only a small part of the Buddybet experience. You’ve also got the commenting, liking, voting and DMing that all come together to create a truly fun and communal platform.

But what if you don’t know anyone with the app yet, or can’t find a mate to take you up on your bet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our guide to using Buddybet as a single who’s ready to mingle (in a betting sense, of course!).


So, you’ve just logged in to Buddybet for the first time and – as is always the way when you’re a trailblazer – you’re the first of your friends to get on board. Now just like when you get to a party before your crew, you have two choices: loiter in the corner, smiling politely and regretting booking that earlier Uber, or get out there, meet some new people, and see where the night takes you.

Buddybet caters for both of these personality types (and everything in between), with plenty of features to enjoy regardless of whether you’re an extravert or more of a wallflower.



If you want to get comfortable with the app first before making bets of your own, why not browse through some of your favourite categories and see what sort of bets people are throwing down.

For lovers of all things Marvel, head to the Movie section and see whether people think the new Thor will manage to topple No Way Home’s box office record. If the Real Housewives are more your bag (Birkin, of course), take a look through the Reality TV category and see what spicy dramas and blowups Buddybetters are predicting. Browsing bets is a great way to kill some time while you get a feel for how the app works.

Voting on a bet:               

If something catches your eye while browsing but you’re not quite ready to take up the bet, you can still have your say by voting on it. This simple thumbs up, thumbs down system lets users get involved on a bet without having to put their money where their mouth is. Once you’ve cast your vote, you’re able view the results and see which way other people are leaning. Are you in the majority or the minority? Vote and find out!

Accepting bets:

So, you’ve voted on a bet you’re passionate about, but it hasn’t scratched that itch. Well maybe it’s time to take things to the next level and accept the bet. Our open betting system lets strangers bet against each other, ensuring there’s always bets for you even if you don’t have any friends on the app. Once you find a bet you’re willing to make, simply click the Accept Bet button and you’re on! It’s that easy.



 If you’re a big personality with big opinions, you can make them heard in the comments. When you see a bet that awakens your inner fire, hit that blue bubble and lay down your hot take. Whether it’s a bit of banter, a supportive affirmation, or simply an emoji that’s worth a thousand words, Buddybet’s comment system lets you have your say on any open bet in the app.

Make a bet:      

You don’t need buddies to make a Buddybet. Tap the big blue Create Bet button, select your category, and then enter the conditions of your bet to lay down the challenge to the entire Buddybet userbase. See how people are voting on your bet, reply to comments, and (hopefully) reap the sweet rewards of your bet when the time comes.

Make a mate:  

Why wait for your friends to arrive when you can make new ones? If you’ve had a fun interaction with someone on Buddybet, you can follow them to see what other challenges they’re throwing down or send them a DM. You know you have a shared interest, so you’re guaranteed to have at least one conversation that isn’t small talk about the weather!


While there’s plenty of fun to be had on Buddybet without your friends, let’s face it – things are more fun with your mates. We designed the app to keep your mates accountable, so why not invite them to jump on and let the challenges begin!

Patrick Rasmussen

Patrick Rasmussen