MET Gala Bets – Predictions For 2022

Looking for a place to make your Met Gala bets?

The Met Gala is a celeb calendar highlight fans look forward to every year. And for good reason, with fabulous outfits and spontaneous proposals a common theme at the event.

We here at Buddybet want to spice up your usual Met Gala tradition a little bit and invite you all to participate in the event (no, sorry we don’t mean we purchased a $50,000 table).

We’re talking about getting involved from the comfort of your own couch.

2021 saw political statement dresses, a diverse guest list, and of course the meme worthy Kim Kardashian’s all black ensemble from Balenciaga.

It really is an event that never fail to impress us. With celebrities embracing innovative takes on the theme, we bet this year will be full of excitement. There really is no better event to place some friendly bets on.

Buddybet allows users to bet on just about anything that happens at this event. Let’s take a look at our predictions;

MGK and Megan will attend in matching outfits

Maybe this is a bit of a vanilla prediction; everyone knows Megan and MGK love to match at red carpet events.

The couple have recently revealed that they drink each other’s blood. First of all…… ew. Second of all, can we just say that every detail we have learnt about this couple has been against our will. Perhaps they will show up in vampire-esque outfits? We will have to wait and see!

Taylor Swift will make her return

Taylor Swift has not attended a Met Gala since 2016, will this be the year she makes a comeback? Rumours have been swirling that Taylor will be dropping an album re-release this year, so the Met Gala would be the perfect time to get the public’s attention back on her before it drops!

Taylor’s past Met Gala looks have been interesting to say the least. We predict this year will be no different, with her wearing something more out there to capture the public’s attention.

Rihanna will skip the carpet this year but the Kar-Jenners will be there!

Considering Rihanna looks like she’s about to pop, we don’t think that she will be attending the event this year- unless she wants to run the risk of pushing a baby out on the red carpet (would it be weird to say we kind of want to see this happen?).

However, we do believe the Kardashian and Jenner clan will make an appearance. Love them or hate them, one thing the Kardashians are is consistent. They haven’t missed a Met Gala in the last five years, so we don’t predict this being the year they stop.

Kim is always one of the most talked about celebs every year, so perhaps she will surprise us all and bring everyone’s favourite skinny white man – Pete Davidson – along with her this year? Whatever she chooses to do, we are certain she will have the tabloids talking.



Interested in who will be the best dressed at this year’s gala? Any fashion houses that will make a statement? Will there be a Will Smith smacking buzz in this year’s event?

Read up on all of the what, when and how here  and get those creative juices flowing on Buddybet.


Roisin Wellington

Roisin Wellington

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