MAFS Recap: The Juiciest Moments of Week 3

This week was intimacy week on Married at First Sight – aka time to get participants to stare uncomfortably into each other’s eyes and play with a bunch of marital aids (not sure why we tried to be lady-like there – we mean sex toys).

Let’s jump into the things that shocked us the most this week:

When Holly looked Andrew dead in the eye with pure hate

This couple is a rollercoaster. The kind of really bad rollercoaster – with rickety rails -that feels like it’s about to break from under you.

After an explosive discussion at the commitment ceremony, Andrew shocked everyone by choosing to stay with Holly (but not before writing leave and crossing it out to make it more dramatic).

Thankfully, he put his pride aside and apologised to Holly the next day… only to blow up and call her a narcissist 24 hours later because she hadn’t gotten over it yet (shocker). Read all about the incident on the MAFS site here.

Our personal favourite moment of this week was their ‘stare into each other’s eyes’ task where Andrew came out of it looking like he’d found true love, and Holly looked like she would rather s**t in her hands and clap than go on with the experiment.

Dom and Jack are STILL arguing about sex

Who would have thought that screaming ‘HAVE SEX WITH ME’ might have the opposite effect on your partner?

It seems that Dom is still upset that Jack doesn’t want to jump her bones every second of the day (how are you gonna function when he goes back to work Dom?).

Poor Jack seems absolutely oblivious to how much this actually upsets her, and is confused as to why they are still talking about it (isn’t it obvious Jack? Less talking, more humping).

But never fear, the experts knew exactly what to do to save this relationship: pole dancing. (you know, the classic way to repair any relationship).

On a serious note, this strangely did seem to work for the couple as Jack is now more attracted to her than ever. We hope to see more baby making in the couple’s future!

We’re also keeping a cautious eye on the ‘I’m not really a jealous person, but…’ talk from Dom, because usually that’s a precursor to a jealous rage fuelled by not feeling good enough (see what no sex-having when she’s on her period does to a woman, Jack!).

Selin and Anthony are STILL together

So, it took a panel of experts absolutely ripping into Selin for her to realise laughing in your partner’s face isn’t generally considered funny ‘in the real world’. We cringe to think how much Selin-esque behaviour is going on out there unsupervised.

After moving back in together, Selin decided the most heartfelt way to make amends was to give her partner a spray tan (is this show even real?).

Anthony, bless his cotton socks, was so excited to be living with Selin again and was willing to look like an Oompa Loompa in order to make her happy.

We don’t see this couple making it past the next commitment ceremony, but we would be interested to see how much tinier Selin can write ‘stay’ (we assume it correlates with the amount she wants to be there).

The Turbulent MAFS Dinner Party

Even though there were a lot of surprises here… nothing was overly shocking to us (we’re battle-hardened soldiers after intimacy week).

I guess we did see a side to Mitch this episode that we haven’t seen yet – it wasn’t his neck though, that was covered again.

So far Ella and Mitch have been quite a strong couple, but this dinner party began to show the cracks in their relationship as Mitch was openly very rude to Ella. We are interested to see how to experts will react to this at the next commitment ceremony.

The contestants were shocked to see Andrew walking in on his own, and he wasted no time in convincing the group that Holly was some kind of psycho serial killer.

We felt quite bad for Holly, watching her walk in knowing she didn’t stand a chance as the group had already turned against her. She only alienated the group more by not addressing Andrew, and boldly moving her chair away from him at the table.

Luckily for Holly, Selin and Anthony decided to take the couple away from the group to hear them out and put aside their differences, but not surprisingly the episode ended with Andrew deciding to leave the experiment, and Holly wondering if he will show for the commitment ceremony.

So that was week 3 of MAFS. We have the commitment ceremony coming up on Sunday and cannot wait to who’s in it to win it (‘it’ being love).

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Roisin Wellington

Roisin Wellington