MAFS Predictions for Week 7

Boy, have we seen it ALL in MAFS this week! From a not-so-secret rendezvous between a married gal and a discarded ex-groom, to the sweetest sweetheart blowing up and picking a fight with the biggest baddie.

Smashed glasses, a heap of tears and several apologies later – what is in store for the week ahead?

Here are our predictions for MAFS week 7:

An exit… or TWO

We have seen the tension grow between some of our couples – both expected (*ahem Carolina and Dion), and completely shocking us (*gasp Jackson and Olivia).

So, what will tonight’s commitment ceremony hold for our couples? Judging from the week they had, we predict at least one, if not two couples exiting the show.

Dion would be our first, if not easiest bet. His argument with Carolina at the dinner party resulted in him moving to the opposite side of the table to get away from her.

However, seeing how besotted Carolina was with Daniel, we don’t think she will take any issue with his decision to leave. But will Dion change his mind and choose to stick around and give love, and Carolina one last chance?

What will Dion decide at the ceremony?

How about everyone’s favourite couple – Jackson and Olivia. We all loved to love these sweethearts, who had shown zero warning signs until this week when poor Jackson got to see a slightly less sweet version of Olivia.

Will this be enough for Jackson to call enough on the whole experiment? Or will he choose to love her “for better or worse” and accept that not everyone is perfect 100% of the time?

A Divide Within the Girl’s Tribe

The girls have seen a divide amongst their ranks this past week, with the whole Domenica/Olivia feud taking centre stage – Unlike the boys who are all clearly BFF’s (falling just short of braiding each other’s hair at sleepovers).

Some girls have clearly chosen sides in this stand-off – Ella being Domenica’s second and Carolina fiercely backing Olivia, but many remain on-the fence.

But with the feud between the two female alphas’ reaching a crescendo during the dinner party and several of the girls teaming up on poor (or not so poor depending which side you fall on) Dom – we predict the girls will have to choose sides sooner rather than later.

Will this feud end up splitting the girl’s tribe completely or will Olivia accept Dom’s (not so heartfelt nor genuine) apology and let bygones be bygones?

An Unofficial, Official Relationship

Sparks have been flying between Carolina and Daniel. These two clearly don’t know the meaning of subtle.

Will this ‘unofficial’ relationship become ‘official’ soon?

We did all witness Carolina telling Daniel that she would definitely write “leave” because she wanted to be with him and not Dion…

We predict that this infatuated duo will for sure make the bold move to make their illicit relationship public.

We did see Daniel attempt to discuss if things would be different if he and Carolina had been paired together from the start – in between their bouts of kissing and feeling each other up that we totally did NOT have to see (its called a ‘secret’ affair for a reason, Carolina…).

If they do go public, we think their first public trip might be to Bondi Beach (assuming of course, Carolina would be happy being spotted with her new beau). However, we’d hate to see Carolina leave the experiment at this point – who would be team Olivia then?

From what we have seen of the teaser, tonight’s commitment ceremony will be explosive. So, make sure you catch up on MAFS here and get all your predictions in on Buddybet. 

Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson