Deposits and Withdrawals

All deposits are handled via a PCI-DSS compliant payment authority. Card data is encrypted with asymmetric encryption, along with a 2048-bit passphrase required to decrypt the card data.

Credit/Debit Card

  • Click ‘My Bets’ (top right)
  • Select the deposit option (top right)
  • Select ‘Pay via Debit/Credit card’ option
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Enter card details or select a previously used card
  • Click ‘deposit’
  • Enter your password and ‘Continue’
  • If accepted, your balance will now reflect your deposit

Cash Deposit

  • Click on ‘My Bets’ (top right)
  • Select the deposit option (top right)
  • Select ‘Cash Deposit’
  • Select ‘Create Deposit Code’
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Scan the code at an eligible agent and make the cash payment
  • If accepted, your balance will now reflect your deposit

*When making a deposit via Cash Deposit, we recommend you only generate a code once you are at an eligible agent’s venue. To find an eligible agent near you, select ‘Find A Store’ in the Cash Deposit menu.

Bank Transfer

  • Click on ‘My Bets’ (top right)
  • Select the deposit option (top right)
  • Select ‘Bank Transfer’
  • Note the Buddybet bank account details that appear on this page
  • Transfer your deposit to the given bank account details
  • Make sure your transfer reference includes your Client ID number and last name
  • Once our team has confirmed your deposit, funds will be available for use

To withdraw funds from your Buddybet account, please follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘My Bets’ (top right)
  • Select ‘more options’
  • Select ‘Withdraw Available Funds’
  • Enter withdraw amount, and press ‘next’
  • Enter your bank account name, BSB and Account Number, and press ‘withdraw’
  • Enter your password and press ‘Continue’

*Your bank account details will be saved for future withdrawals. In order to withdraw we must initiate an electronic funds transfer (EFT), your funds should arrive in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

There can be multiple reasons:

  • Any deposit that you make into your account must be turned over before it can be withdrawn. This means if you deposit $100, you must turn over (use) that $100 before it can be withdrawn
  • Your balance may include promotional credit which needs to be turned over (used) before it can be withdrawn

Your bank may decline your transactions for the following reasons:

Your bank has declined the transaction

Some banks decline transactions from betting companies on behalf of their customers.

If you are attempting to deposit from a card associated with Citibank, Macquarie Bank, Suncorp or Bank of Queensland your deposit may be declined and you may need to try another payment method.

You have insufficient funds available

Ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account before attempting to deposit.

You have entered an incorrect CVV#

Double-check that you are entering this number correctly.

Your card has expired

If your card is expired, please check your new card and update the number and expiry.

You can view your transaction history in your ‘My Bets’ section. Click on ‘Transactions’ at the top right corner of ‘My Bets’ to view a complete list of financial activity, including amounts credited, debited, staked, won as well as promotional credit. To filter this list, click on the filter button to the top right, where you can select custom dates or specific transactions.