Buddybet Jackpot

1. Create an “Open” Jackpot Bet or “Invited” Jackpot Bet;
2. Select your AFL or NRL fixture;
3. Chose which of our betting markets you would like to create;
4. Make your selection;
5. Nominate your stake and submit your bet.

If multiple users pick the same winning selection, the total prize pool is divided evenly across the winning entrants, minus the platform fee.

If there are multiple winning selections, anyone who has made these selections will evenly share the prize pool minus the platform fee.

Unlike the Buddybet peer-to-peer product where the participants result the bet, Buddybet admin result Jackpots after the result is known and within 12 hours.

When you are looking to join a Jackpot bet you’ll notice a number next to the selections. This number denotes how many Buddybet users have already selected this option.

No, if you create an open Jackpot, anyone in the Buddybet community can enter until the start time.

Fill out the form on our website and we will let you know if it’s possible within 2 business days.

Yes, you can! You can have as many entries into the one Jackpot market as you like. Each entry will cost the entry amount.

Yes, the creator of a Jackpot determines the entry fee and all entrants into that Jackpot must pay the same fee

Initially, Buddybet Jackpot will be focused on AFL & NRL