Buddybet’s Top 5 MasterChef Bets

Who else is enjoying snuggling up on their couches and judging much (much) better cooks attempt to take out the MasterChef Australia title this season? We’re weeks deep now and we can see our users are getting involved in some great novelty MasterChef bets. Here’s some MasterChef betting inspo and five of our favourite MasterChef […]

Who Will be the Next Bachelorette?

Ahhhh the Bachelorette – everyone’s favourite trash TV show. Love it or hate it, you must admit it can be quite addictive! One minute you swear you’re watching it as a joke, next minute you’re ditching dates IRL to tune into a date between two people you’ve never met before! Every year the internet is […]

Three AFL Bets You Wish You Made

Here at Buddybet we love a bit of sports betting with our mates! But we’re not like traditional sportsbooks. What makes us different? We’re glad you asked. These are the three major points that set us apart from the rest of the pack: With us you’re betting directly against your mates, not a bookmaker! You […]

Buddybet’s Guide To Social Betting

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to social betting, you’ve come to the right place. Humans are inherently social beings. We don’t just love being around people – we need it. The fact that solitary confinement is seen as one of the worst punishments that can be dealt out shows just how important human interaction […]

MET Gala Bets – Predictions For 2022

Looking for a place to make your Met Gala bets? The Met Gala is a celeb calendar highlight fans look forward to every year. And for good reason, with fabulous outfits and spontaneous proposals a common theme at the event. We here at Buddybet want to spice up your usual Met Gala tradition a little […]


Buddybet is an unapologetically social platform. When you place a bet through our platform, you’re not betting against a sportsbook or a faceless algorithm – you’re betting against other real people, just like you. And betting’s only a small part of the Buddybet experience. You’ve also got the commenting, liking, voting and DMing that all […]

Social Betting 101: Customising your Buddybet Profile

Here at Buddybet, we pride ourselves on offering our users a unique social-betting experience that allows them to personalise their profile and show off their winnings. Let’s take a look into the profile page, and how to navigate it to get the very best out of your Buddybet experience! Profile and Cover Photos There’s no […]

Coachella Bets 2022: What Are Our Buddies Betting On?

Coachella season has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited to see our favourite celebs dress up in ridiculous outfits, and post a new brand deal every 10 minutes! In all seriousness, Coachella is a hectic time in the entertainment world with everyone predicting who will show up with who, what everyone will be […]

How to Use Buddybet at Your Baby Shower

Anyone else feel like all their friends are having babies now? I guess the pandemic put a few things into perspective. Not to mention all that time at home allowed us to spend a lot more ‘quality time’ with our partners. Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women (respect to those lucky few […]

Buddybet: Four Features for Friends

Buddybet was created by mates, for mates. So, naturally our app focuses on helping our users to meet, chat and bet with their friends as easily as possible. In fact, we’re the only social betting app of its kind that provides mates with this many functionalities with friend’s interests in mind. Let’s jump in and […]