Buddybet: Four Features for Friends

Buddybet was created by mates, for mates. So, naturally our app focuses on helping our users to meet, chat and bet with their friends as easily as possible. In fact, we’re the only social betting app of its kind that provides mates with this many functionalities with friend’s interests in mind. Let’s jump in and […]

What Women Want (to Buddybet on!)

Buddybet isn’t your traditional betting app – and our users reflect that. Our growing community of Buddybetters are as diverse and interesting as the topics they bet on. One group that we love to see on our app are women. Buddybet has created a fun, safe and supportive space for women to lay down a […]

What is Buddybet?

What is BuddyBet?  We’re buddy glad you asked. It’s been a long-time coming, but we’ve finally created an interactive platform where friends can hold each other accountable when wagering something. Sorry, did we say something? We mean almost ANYTHING. That’s right. Buddybet allows you to make social bets with your friends on a plethora of […]