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AFL betting has changed for the better!

Footy season’s almost back, and you know what that means. Time to get the crew together and yell coaching tips at the telly like you haven’t been warming the pine for the local ressies all year.

Something else we’re excited for with the start of the AFL season, is having a cheeky wager with our mates. Although, this year is a bit different. No longer are we confined to the pedestrian, ‘who will win’ wager, which – let’s be real – has been done to death.

For anyone looking to spice up this AFL season, Buddybet offers people the opportunity to bet on almost anything AFL related.

What’s more, it’s peer-to-peer design means you don’t have to feel anti-social for whipping out your phone and having a punt while you’re at the pub with your mates.

In fact, it’s almost the most social thing you can do, considering its many interactive features including the capability to comment, like and share any bet you place against your friends.

You can now take the funny verbal bets you make with your buddies and make them legit, verified and importantly – documented. Chasing Johnno down for the $5 he owes you from the Hawks game is a thing of the past!

What AFL Bets Can I Make?

We know the concept of betting on almost anything may be overwhelming for some, so here are just a few examples ahead of the 2022 season:

  •  How many points will be scored in the first quarter
  •  Whether Patrick Cripps’ first disposal will be a handball or a kick
  •  How many times Joffa will be spotted on the telly during the Collingwood match
  •  What colour Patrick Dangerfield’s boots will be in Round One
  •  How many ‘out of bounds’ there will be in Round One clash between Blues and Richmond
  •  If a seagull will land on the field at the MCG
  •  How many ‘stiff arms’ Dusty Martin will give first round


We think you get the idea. Traditional betting sites provide limited capacity for creativity, and variability for the die-hard AFL fans. Enter Buddybet!



AFL betting for the non-AFL fans 

So, what if you’ve got no interest in AFL and have been dragged along to watch a game against your will?

The option to bet on the off-field antics helps to enhance the otherwise bleak experience of sitting in the often-freezing rain at the MCG while bogans scream nonsense at unholy decibels!

Who knows, maybe this will be the year you finally become a fan – or at very least, win some money betting on which WAGS will be spotted at the match.

Make sure to follow us on socials for AFL betting tips and inspo this AFL season and enjoy the freedom to bet on almost anything with your mates!

Darel Fuderanan

Darel Fuderanan