Buddybet: Four Features for Friends

Buddybet was created by mates, for mates.

So, naturally our app focuses on helping our users to meet, chat and bet with their friends as easily as possible. In fact, we’re the only social betting app of its kind that provides mates with this many functionalities with friend’s interests in mind.

Let’s jump in and explain some of these friendly features:


Want to negotiate bet terms with a buddy before making your bet official?

With Buddybet, you can nudge a buddy by messaging them privately using the chat feature within the app.

Mates can chat about who they’re backing for an upcoming AFL grudge match, or which ingredients contestants will be given in the Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge.

Once you’ve worked out the nitty-gritty aspects of your bet, make it official by creating a bet and challenging your buddy.


Liking & Commenting on Bets

Everyone has a mate who is all talk but when push comes to shove, they wilt like a flower. This is where the Buddybet comment section comes in handy; offering users the chance to create some banter directly on the bet card.

Think a mate is no chance of cooking the best chicken cacciatore this side of Napoli? Let ‘em know via the comment section.

Think a mate has too much faith in their under-performing footy team? Get stuck into them with some friendly banter.

Buddybet is all about bringing the fun back to betting. What better way of doing that than creating humorous memories with friends (which will hopefully last longer than your mate’s cacciatore that’s been in the fridge for five days).

Open Bets

So, you’ve just signed up to Buddybet but you can’t see any of your friends on the platform yet? Don’t worry fam, we got you!

If your friends are yet to discover the world of Buddybet, we offer you the opportunity to make new buddies within our wider community by placing an Open Bet.

Unlike other betting apps, (which share the same standard, boring concept of betting against a global multi-national company) Buddybet allows you to put your bet out into the buddysphere for someone of similar interests to accept.

You’ll be notified when someone takes your challenge, then boom, your bet is on. And what’s more, you’ve made a new friend along the way!





Like keeping up to date with your friend’s latest European holiday on Facebook, Buddybet users can view their friends’ profiles to see what they’ve been up to on the app.

Your profile acts as a hub of your betting activity. It shows users all your past bets, and acts as cold, hard proof to all friends who didn’t believe you predicted Will Smith was going to slap someone at the Oscars.

It allows mates to find each other easily and see what they’ve been up to. How good is that!





So, there you have it. These are just four features within the Buddybet app that allow our buddies to connect on the daily.

Our product team is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance the social experience for our buddies. If you have any features you’d like to see on the app, reach out to us via socials.

And while you’re there, give our page a like to keep up to date with all the new features that are on the way!

Jacob McCormick

Jacob McCormick

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