About Us


Buddybet was created with a simple goal in mind: to digitise the handshake bet that generations of Australians have grown up with. Central to that mission statement was creating a sense of fun, interactivity, and community. Our innovative social betting platform brings those three elements together to create a truly unique and engaging experience.



Buddybet Group was established in Australia’s sporting and innovation capital, Melbourne, in 2017. Founder, Scott Didier, wanted to create a way to hold his mates accountable for those friendly bets they made over dinner, and let those who weren’t around the table get in on the action. And so, the seed for Buddybet was planted.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Scott gathered a team of talented and passionate young developers and management to bring his vision to life.

A platform that fused social media with responsible betting had never been seen before. There were no blueprints; no paths to lead the way. So the Buddybet team did what they do best: they created their own.

Over the next five years, the concept of a community focussed, social betting platform came together, and after innovative refinement and rigorous testing, Buddybet launched into the Australian market in early-2022.



Buddybet has brought the social bet into the modern age, but the core concept has been around for thousands of years. Over recent years, with the rise of the sportsbook and the decline in carrying cash, the social bet is not as common as it once was – until now.

Buddybet is not a bookmaker and it doesn’t set odds or offer complex multis. Users simply bet money or bragging rights with a friend or colleague, exactly as people have done throughout the ages – only now there’s a digital record. And with our platform enabling a whole new level of interaction and connectivity, we’re putting the social into social betting.



Our executive management team is made up of highly experienced, driven, and creative individuals, with vast industry knowledge, business acumen, and a unique personability. With numerous leadership roles amongst them, they are the perfect blend of management for a fast-paced ever changing tech landscape.

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